NOSTALGIA: Roadshow mug thrown into the crowd ended with stitches to head

Peter Powell on Southsea Common in 1982 during the Radio 1 Roadshow.

When the Radio 1 Roadshow came to town Remember When reader Richard Boryer was in the crowd.

And it’s just as well he was and that he was on duty as a member of the British Red Cross.

Shelia Robertsons Portsmouth-styled beaker marking Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

Richard, of Oakshott Drive, Havant, is pretty sure the year was 1982 which tallies with the main picture of DJ Peter Powell in action at the event on Southsea Common.

But, as ever at those live events, not everything went according to plan.

Richard recalls: ‘The DJ doing the roadshow, I think it was Peter Powell, was chucking roadshow goodies into the crowd.

‘One was a mug and it hit someone on the head. I can’t remember where abouts.

Sheila's Diamond Jubilee beaker

‘I was treating the person in the back of the ambulance when the DJ knocked on the door and asked to see the injured person because he’d heard someone was hurt.

‘He asked how it happened and I rather sharply told him he was to blame by throwing mugs into the crowd.

‘He apologised and gave the person some more goodies and said he wouldn’t do it again. The injured person needed to go to hospital for stitches.’

Richard’s memory was jerked by the picture in my recent look back at the Radio 1 Roadshow at Southsea as part of the station’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The Prince of Wales or perhaps Edward VII, or even George V (!) at HMS Excellent, Portsmouth.

I wonder what became of the young woman in Peter Powell’s arms?

• Sheila Robertson read with interest Simon Hart’s story here about his 1911 Portsmouth-centric coronation beaker. And she can go at least one better...

Sheila says: ‘I have a Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee beaker dated 1897.

‘It belonged to my grandmother and as she was born in 1890 she would have been seven when she received it.

WAKE UP, WAKE UP, THE SUN IS BURNING YER EYES OUT Perhaps not the sun. A naval cartoon with the ship in high seas and water flowing into the messdeck through an open scuttle. Picture: George Millener Collection

‘It is in really good condition probably because it was always kept in a glass wall cabinet.

‘I also have her George V and Queen Mary Silver Jubilee and her Great World War peace mugs.’

• And finally, to the picture below which my colleague Bob Hind first published.

He said it showed Edward VII, perhaps as the Prince of the Wales at a naval establishment in Portsmouth, but he wanted to know which one.

Thanks to several of you who quickly identified HMS Excellent on Whale Island, and a couple of you who suggested the royal might be George V. The jury’s out...

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