NOSTALGIA: Together again – the six sisters wiped out by a German bomb

The Wilkinson sisters with baby Tony in a montage created by Paul Costen

Last Saturday I wrote about the Wilkinson sisters , six of whom died when their house at 16, Cowper Road, Landport, took a direct hit on December 5, 1940. Cowper Road ran between Manor Road and St Mary’s Road. It is now a cul-de-sac from the Manor Road end.

Thanks to Paul Costen, of the Frame & Photo Shop, Waterlooville, who made this montage of the sisters for me.

Taken some time in the late 1950s or early 1960s we see the fathers of some of the pupils at Trosnant Junior School, Leigh Park.

At the top we have Lily with husband Ted New on their wedding day. To the right of them is their son Tony.

The next line down shows Ivy, Nelly and Irene, the only survivor. Along the bottom are Mary, Cathy and Lucy. Lily’s husband Ted was on duty on the railway at the time of his wife’s death.

All the girls are interred in a family plot in Kingston Cemetery. Irene, who lived in Epsom, Surrey, died recently aged 90.

n A reader sent me the remaining three photographs but failed to leave a name or address to which I can return the pictures. Please contact me.

The Leigh Park Sports and Athletic Cricket Club. The young lad in the front is the scorer.

On the facing page is Trosant Dads FC. Trosnant Junior School, Leigh Park, once fielded a team of pupils’ fathers. No names were included but perhaps you recognise yourself? The boots suggest the late 1950s/early 1960s.

Below, right, is a team from Leigh Park Sports & Athletic Cricket Club. I have some names which are: A Jones, B Ken, W Berry, G Gadsby and C Burnham.

Immediately below is another cricket team with no names although I do know the man fourth from the right standing is ‘Dyer’.

Pictured at Front Lawn recreation ground we see a line up of local cricketers. Can anyone recognise themselves?

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