NOSTALGIA WITH BOB HIND: No rationing for Winnie

Winston Churchill.
Winston Churchill.
A steam car at Bishops Waltham station about 1910. It was the terminus of the 4.5-mile branch line that connected it to the main line at Botley. It closed to passengers in January 1933.

NOSTALGIA: Hampshire’s long lost branch lines

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I wonder how many of you have eaten while on a flight recently and what the meal was like?

As I have never flown in my life I have no idea what aircraft meals are like.

The airborne meal served to Winston Churchill in 1942.

The airborne meal served to Winston Churchill in 1942.

However, I don’t suppose for a minute they are anything like seen on the menu above.

It was served to Winston Churchill on the flying boat RMA Berwick on January 16, 1942.

Churchill was returning from America after a meeting with President Roosevelt to lobby him to join the war in Europe.

The Luftwaffe searched everywhere for the aircraft but fortunately to no avail.

I have looked everywhere to find out what RMA stands for. I am sure someone can tell me...