Old Portsmouth on camera

Point, Old Portsmouth, 1931
Point, Old Portsmouth, 1931
The Purbrook team are, left to right, Jon Harvey, Elizabeth Norris and Peter Emmett

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Three pictures today showing Old Portsmouth in the early decades of the last century.

The panoramic shot of Point was taken in 1931 and shows a Gosport ferry boat waiting for passengers.

Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, c1905

Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, c1905

The shoreline shows a number of the many pubs found on Spice Island.

On the left is the Star and Garter hotel, famous for its window on which so many naval heroes – Nelson included – had scratched their names.

The Union Tavern, with the Brickwoods sign on the side, stands next to the Coal Exchange, while across Bath Square is the Still and West Country House.

Out on the far point to the right is the wooden structure of the coastguard’s hailing station.

The photograph with the tram was taken about 1905 and shows vehicles waiting to board the floating bridge to Gosport.

The building on the right is the Star and Garter Hotel which was demolished in January 1954.

The 1927 shot of Broad Street depicts intrepid motorists waiting at the Broad Street slipway to embark the new Isle of Wight ferry, Fishbourne.

The Fishbourne was the first drive-on, drive-off vessel on the Island route.

The small knot of spectators obviously found the sight interesting, or, perhaps, they were foot passengers.

Ryde had been proving difficult for goods traffic because at low water the tide went out almost as far as the pier, so in 1925 Southern Railway bought two acres of land at Wootton Creek and made preparations for the new service.

The Fishbourne cost £13,254 and was launched on June 21, 1927. She came into service in August the same year. She could carry 16 cars and there were separate men’s and women’s saloons.