Only 60p for a bop

Neros nightclub in Southsea
Neros nightclub in Southsea
The letter of commendation from the Southern Railway management. It took two months to send it.

NOSTALGIA: We had more backbone during the war

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Also in The News on that sad day was a vigorous debate in the letters column about a 30in sewer.

Havant and Waterloo Council had given the go-ahead for the pipe to be installed to the north of Emsworth.

The early Genesis

The early Genesis

But Emsworth Ratepayers’ Association was furious because it believed this would ‘open up the prospect of a further 10,000 people to be housed in that area’.

The Ministry of Defence appealed through the paper for Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service veterans from the First World War to contact them so they could attend the 60th anniversary of British military aviation.

Pompey had beaten Carlisle United 1-0 the previous Saturday with a goal from George Ley in what The News described as a ‘sterile’ match in front of ‘9,000 hard-core fans’.

Edison Lighthouse were due to appear at Nero’s Disco, Southsea, where non-members could get in for 60p. The Monday disco at the Tricorn Club in the Tricorn was hosted by guest DJ Guy Francis; the Jeff Beck Group, Heaven and Linda Lewis were appearing at South Parade Pier, and Highbury Technical College was advertising a gig at the pier later in the week featuring Armada and a couple of little-known bands, Hawkwind and Genesis.