Only one place to go if you wanted it picture perfect

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Not some far flung island but Port Creek alongside Eastern Road, Portsmouth, earlier this week. I counted more than 50 plastic bottles along with other man-made filth.

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If you were married before 1960 or were in the navy and wanted a photograph of your ship to send to a sweetheart, there was only one photographer to visit - Wright & Logan in Albert Road, Southsea.

This firm of photographers must have taken the majority of wedding photographs in the city as well as every ship that passed the Round Tower.

Latterly it moved to Queen Street, Portsea, but has now gone out of business.

All the firm’s early work was done on glass plates and I can remember entering the shop in 1972 to ask if they might still have any plates of my parents’ wedding as it was soon to be their anniversary.

‘Sorry,’ said the proprietor ‘we have only recently got rid of hundreds of plates as they took up so much room.’

‘What,’ I asked ‘all smashed to pieces?’

‘Yes, hundreds of them.’

Jenny Garland e-mailed me asking if anyone has a photo of the old shop in Albert Road.

She also asked if anyone remembers Dollar Stores where her gran did most of her shopping.

Please get in touch if you can help.