Patriotic decorations

Guildhall walk during the Queen Silver Jubilee in 1977
Guildhall walk during the Queen Silver Jubilee in 1977
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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will be a great cause for celebration in 2012.

And it was no different when Portsmouth marked her Silver Jubilee in 1977.

Portsmouth From Family Archives

Portsmouth From Family Archives

This picture is taken from the southern end of Guildhall Walk looking up to Guildhall Square. Can you see the large patriotic decorations?

It looks like all the shops and businesses are also marking the occasion by flying Union Jacks and bunting from the buildings.

The photo is one of many featured in Portsmouth From Family Archives – a book collated and published by brothers Matt and Jonathan Ring, using photos taken by their grandparents. The book is available to buy from Waterstone’s in Commercial Road and Bonzo Studio and Southsea Gallery on Albert Road for £14.99.