Photo reminded Betty of happy days gone by

East Street, Havant.   Picture: Paul Costen
East Street, Havant. Picture: Paul Costen
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This picture of East Street, Havant, struck some happy chords for Betty Tilbury, who reckons it was taken in about 1955.

It was the hairdresser’s on the extreme left which brought memories flooding back.

Betty (nee Wells), of Windsor Road, Waterlooville, said it was called Gillian’s.

‘It was where I started my career at the age of 15,’ she said.

‘And it was there that I met my husband of 50 years. He was working as a carpenter for Frank and Privett in the bank next door. The Bear opposite was where I parked my Lambretta.

‘My friend Margaret Rogers (nee Hollings) and I were always happy – everything seemed so simple then.’