Photo shows how Farlington area has changed

An aerial view look ing east over the Eastern Road
An aerial view look ing east over the Eastern Road
Preserved Nissen huts at Camp 21.

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This fine aerial photo sent in by David Watts of Farlington shows the changes to the area since the 1950s, when this shot was taken.

To the bottom of the photo is the Portsmouth Co-op bakery and dairy and above that is the Twilfit corset factory.

Do you remember passing it on the train and seeing the word TWILFIT planted out in shrubbery? It can be seen in the photo just below the railway bridge.

Under the bridge can be made out the railway sidings now long gone.

The Eastern Road seems very quiet, with no side roads leading off it – unlike today.

Dunham Bush’s factory with the arched roof is to the centre and above that can be seen Fitzherbert Road ending in a cul-de-sac. Sainsbury’s store is now built over the site of Dunham Bush.

To the right the quiet of the marshes has been reclaimed to a certain extent and now has the roaring traffic of the A27 running parallel with the railway line which can be seen disappearing into the distance.

In the top left hand corner alongside the Portsdown Hill Road can be seen Sunspan, the well-known white-painted house overlooking everything.