Pictorial evidence needed of a long-gone terrace in Mile End, Portsmouth

A map, circa 1909, showing Kettering Terrace, Mile End, Portsmouth
A map, circa 1909, showing Kettering Terrace, Mile End, Portsmouth
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Earlier this year I published a series of intriguing photographs from David Janes which showed long-gone streets at Fratton, Landport and Mile End in Portsmouth.

In the accompanying article I mentioned how pleasing it was to have good quality pictures of parts of the city which today are nothing more than a distant memory.

As a result, Rod Clayburn contacted me, firstly to agree that many parts of the old city were, indeed, neglected, and, secondly, to ask for readers’ help.

For Rod is keen to lay his hands on a photo of Kettering Terrace at Mile End, especially one taken between 1920 and 1950.

He supplied the copy of the 1909 map which pinpoints the street. As you can see, it ran off the west side of Commercial Road down to the waterfront.

Rod says: ‘It went along the north boundary of the Bailey and White timber yard. Some houses backed on to the road, the majority on the northern side.’

And he recalls: ‘On either side of its entrance off Commercial Road were two large houses. On the south side was Albion Villa and Albion Cottage, demolished to allow an extension of the timber yard. While on the northern side were Victoria Villa and Albert Villa.’

Rod adds: ‘My understanding is that Kettering Terrace was badly damaged during the Second World War and was finally demolished in the 1950s.

‘I remember the old villas and Mile End cemetery during their final days in the 1960s.’

Rod believes that at the time Mile End cemetery was closed several pictures appeared in The News. But he has trawled through back copies of the paper and I have scoured our picture library and neither of us can find any.

If you are able to help with good quality pictures of Kettering Terrace in any of the decades mentioned by Rod, I’d be delighted to see them and pass them on to him.