Picture brings back fond memories of street scenes

The northern section of High Street, Cosham. Picture
The northern section of High Street, Cosham. Picture
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Ah, those were the days...days when you could prop your bike against the kerb, nip into a shop and still find it there when you emerged.

This undated photograph of the northern section of High Street, Cosham, looking towards Portsdown Hill, shows a street scene as we all like to remember them.

Dewhurst the butcher, Timothy White & Taylors a tobacconist and a red and white-striped barber’s pole outside the hairdressers.

And so precious was the crossing, that a woman is even protecting the Belisha beacon.

Judging by the clothes and cars, this picture appears to have been taken in the 1940s or 1950s.

It comes from the collection of Waterlooville photographer and collector Paul Costen at costen.co.uk.