Picture perfect memories from yesteryear

Three likely lads John, Willie & Brian.
Three likely lads John, Willie & Brian.
Theresa Paddon with her two children, Lee, 18 months, and Darren, three, at their home in Leigh Park

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Last week I published a photograph of someone posing with the parrots at Clarence Pier, Southsea, and asked if anyone had others stored in the loft.

What about this little lot then?

In one photo we see John Palmer and his future wife Lin back in 1970 standing outside the Seahorse pub.

In another we see three young sailors, so young they had just passed out of the boys’ training establishment HMS Ganges at Ipswich. They had just joined their first ships.

Left to right we have John Stockham from HMS Jaguar, who sent in the photo.

In the middle is William (Willie) Bradford of HMS Centaur and to the right is Brian (Lucy) Whittle, also of HMS Jaguar.

John tells me they all went their separate ways but for his 50th birthday 17 years ago, his wife tracked down Willie.

Brian managed to make contact through the Forces Reunited website a few years later.

And finally we have Eddie Fox and pal John Smith on the town in 1970. It was sent in by his son Derek, of St Augustine Road, Southsea.