Pictures are a 1950s reminder of Southsea

The smashed glass in the door at Johnny Black Photography in Southsea

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We have four more postcards today of Southsea in its heyday to set you up for the bank holiday weekend.

The main picture is an interesting shot of the common which shows how much the western skyline has changed since these pictures were taken, possibly in the 1950s.

Clarence Parade and Southsea Common in the 1950s

Clarence Parade and Southsea Common in the 1950s

The chimneys of the old Portsmouth power station at Old Portsmouth dominate the view behind the naval war memorial.

Today they have been replaced by the majestic curves of the Spinnaker Tower.

The photograph and those in our In Pictures video are further submissions from the collection of Remember When reader Tony Lowry, of Central Road, Drayton, Portsmouth.

The only non-summery photograph in the series shows waves crashing against the sea wall while a warship leaves the calmer waters of Portsmouth harbour.

Perhaps some of you might be able to identify her from her silhouette?

The remaining two pictures show what Southsea is most famous for – attracting visitors to stroll along our much-loved seafront or pull up a deckchair on the shingle and catch a few rays of sunshine before summer passes into autumn.