Portsmouth Guildhall memories of Cliff Richard

Sue Butler's picture of The Beatles signed in Portsmouth
Sue Butler's picture of The Beatles signed in Portsmouth
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Shirley Cole cut her gig-going teeth at Portsmouth Guildhall in November 1960 when she saw Cliff Richard.

‘You couldn’t hear anything because of the screaming and I was in tears at seeing my idol,’ she says.

Those were the days when there were two shows a night and Shirley and a friend would get tickets for both.

She also saw The Beatles, Gene Pitney, the Walker and Everly Brothers and Helen Shapiro.

On the subject of The Beatles, Sue Jarrett, a Portsmouth schoolgirl and now author Sue Butler, managed to get John, Paul, George and Ringo to sign this picture when they played the Guildhall on December 3, 1963 – a rescheduled gig after Paul was taken ill shortly before going on stage at the Guildhall the previous month. More on this tomorrow.

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