Portsmouth Harbour from the station

Portsmouth Harbour
Portsmouth Harbour
In this rare photograph we see the new Langstone road bridge (top) under construction with the old wooden bridge alongside. It opened in 1956.

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Looking north up the harbour from the Portsmouth Harbour Railway Station landing stage we see from left to right in the distance a paddle steamer at rest and then, closer to camera, the Gosport Ferry loaded with sailors, perhaps ready to go on weekend leave.

Above the bows of the ferry are an assortment of naval ships. There is nothing moored at South Railway Jetty but the railway viaduct leading from it to a connection with the main line stands ready for another train.

There was a swing bridge at the jetty end of the viaduct which may have been out of use at this time.

In the final days of the viaduct it was used to berth empty carriage stock. Eventually, rust caused it to be unsafe and it was demolished.

Above the viaduct can be seen various dockyard buildings and to the far right the Semaphore Tower. This building replaced the original which was destroyed by fire in 1913.