Portsmouth’s Roman Catholic cathedral

Roman Catholic cathedral circa 1920
Roman Catholic cathedral circa 1920
With long gunnery gaiters and sword bayonets fixed to their rifles, we see marines changing guard just inside Eastney Barracks' main gate. 'Robert James Collection

NOSTALGIA: Were these Portsmouth marines being punished?

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The Roman Catholic cathedral used to stand in Edinburgh Road, but this part of the road is now called Bishop Crispian Way.

Here we see the cathedral in about 1920. There seems to be an entrance porch with either a wall or hedge surrounding it. A party of sailors is walking away from camera to the right.

These days foliage on the trees hiding the building so an exact replica of the old shot is impossible. I believe the former porchway was bombed during the blitz on the city and the rebuild omitted it. The apex between the roads has been widened for safer pedestrian use.