Putting names to Smitten City faces

The aftermath of the bombing in Conway Street, Landport.
The aftermath of the bombing in Conway Street, Landport.
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My colleague Bob Hind has been attempting to name many of the people featured in The News’s pictures of the bombing of Portsmouth in the Second World War.

This picture shows some of the dazed residents of Conway Street, Landport, and is featured in the recently republished book Smitten City.

Les Foster, from Gosport, was able to help here because he features in the photograph as a baby although he cannot be seen.

He is in the pram on the far right and the woman clutching the handle in the light-coloured coat is his mother Eva Foster (nee Davey).

To the left of her is Eva’s sister Nelly and the baby she is holding is Ivy, Les’s sister.

The man with the flat cap is Sam Davey, Eva and Nelly’s brother and Les’s uncle.

And the man in the centre, the ARP warden wearing the tin helmet is Nelly’s husband George Elliott.

The toddler standing between Sam and George is Les’s brother Charlie William Foster.

If you can identify anyone else in Smitten City, please get in touch.