Rail tracks were used for moving timber to sawmill

Sydenhams yard, Mile End, Portsmouth, in 1971
Sydenhams yard, Mile End, Portsmouth, in 1971
Jo and Rhys Williams competing in a nighttime navigational competition in East Hampshire

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A couple of months ago David Janes supplied a picture which showed some old rail tracks at the end of Wharf Road, Mile End, Portsmouth. He wondered why they were there.

So, I’m grateful to Paul Baffin for solving the mystery and for his two pictures here.

His map of the Rudmore area at Mile End shows a timber yard and Paul says: ‘I’m aware that they used to cut logs that where kept in the sea at Rudmore. The tracks would have been used to move the timber trunks to the sawmill to be cut before modern ways of moving timber.’ The Kelly’s Directory of 1954 shows J T Sydenhams & Co Ltd timber merchants in Wharf Road.

Paul’s other picture is from 1971 and shows Sydenhams before it was altered for the motorway.

Many thanks to all of you who responded so quickly to Wednesday's query about the GIs. They were marching along a seafront, but it was at Weymouth, not Portsmouth, as you all noted.