Rare aerial snap from 1920s shows HMS Victory in harbour

HMS Victory moored off Gosport about 1920
HMS Victory moored off Gosport about 1920
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A pod of dolphins.

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Paul Woodman is a tour guide in HMS Victory and keeps his eyes peeled for any old pictures of Nelson’s flagship.

He sent me this postcard, which he says is rare and which he has seen advertised for sale for about £80.

What makes it unusual is that it is an aerial photograph taken about 1920. It shows Victory afloat in Portsmouth Harbour moored off the Camper & Nicholsons yard at Gosport.

Victory was moved into her current dry dock in 1922 after spending 110 years moored in the harbour and 157 years afloat since she was completed at Chatham in 1765.

You can quite clearly make out High Street, Gosport, while across the harbour in Portsmouth, the old town hall dominates the surrounding packed streets of dense, terraced housing.

A train is on the elevated extension of branch line track running across the water in front of The Hard and leading into the dockyard.

Meanwhile, a paddle steamer appears to be about to leave her berth at Portsmouth Harbour station bound for the Isle of Wight. As with all aerial shots of this area, the more you look, the more you see.