Rebuilding after the war – without a hard hat in sight

THEN Olinda Street, Fratton, soon after the Second World War
THEN Olinda Street, Fratton, soon after the Second World War
A 1903 picture showing 'Point A on the Portsdown & Horndean Light Railway where two former horse tram cars acted as shelters.
Picture: Barry Cox Collection

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Olinda Street is a side street running between St Mary’s Road and Alver Road, Fratton.

In the picture above we see some of the damage caused by German bombing in the Second World War.

NOW Olinda Street today

NOW Olinda Street today

A Bobby on a bike, one of the rarest sights around today, pedals by sedately.

The scaffolders, without a hard hat or high-vis jacket between them, carry on their work to repair the war damage.

The wall nearest the camera has been rendered leaving a vacant front door.

In the 1940s the biggest danger was from the Luftwaffe.

Today it seems that vehicles parked on pavements cause the most grief.

I am sure the Bobby on the bike would have had something to say in this quiet backwater of Fratton.

The vacant land this end of the street has been left empty and greenery now hides any trace of the war.