Remember these who also fell in war

10 things you'll remember if you grew up in Portsmouth

10 things you’ll remember if you grew up in Portsmouth

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With Remembrance Day next Wednesday we shall remember those who fell during the two great wars that overtook the world in the 20th century.

But there were others apart from the First and Second World Wars. In the early 1950s the Korean War saw many men from the area fighting again.

One of those killed in action was Marine Denis Stray who lived with his mother at Newcome Road, Fratton. He served with the 41st Independent Royal Marine Commando and was a King’s Badgeman. He sailed for Malaya on his 23rd birthday, August 10, 1950. From there he was flown to Korea. Besides his mother, Denis left eight brothers and two sisters.

Also advised by the Admiralty were: Missing: Marine PJ Parkinson, of Portsmouth; Cpl GR Richards, of Bognor Regis and Marine E Strain, of Southsea.

Wounded: Sgt RWD James, of Southsea.