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Not some far flung island but Port Creek alongside Eastern Road, Portsmouth, earlier this week. I counted more than 50 plastic bottles along with other man-made filth.

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After the final roll of honour of the Portsmouth dead from the First World War was published last week, I discovered several names that came in after the war’s end and could not be included in the alphabetical list.

In the late roll we see two names, Petty Officer Stoker Henry Earwaker of 43, Elm Road, Mile End, Portsmouth, with his wife Jane. Henry died after the end of the war on March 19, 1919 aged 56.

He is recorded as serving in HMS Terrible although the War Graves Commission had him down as serving in Victory Barracks.

Able Seaman John William Sheppard joined the Royal Navy in 1896.

While serving in HMS Royal Sovereign he had taken part in two major sea battles during the war, the Battles of Heligoland Bight and Jutland.

After going through all this and seeing the end of the war, Henry was drowned on November 22, 1918. He lived at 17, Bishop’s Street, Portsea, with his wife Ellen Louise.