Sheila agrees you can’t beat a typewriter

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My item a fortnight ago about typewriters brought a reply from Sheila Churcher, who found it fascinating and agreed with everything I said.

Sheila says she only ever wanted to be a typist and used to practice on a big heavy Remington, which her father used to lift on to the table for her every day.

She says that she did try computers, but found if she inadvertently pressed the wrong button she lost the lot. I know exactly what she means.

She now uses a standard portable machine as she could never get on with the electric ones. And she recently managed to track down some ribbons on the internet.

‘Yes,’ she says, ‘the computer does have its uses’.

Her typewriter lives under the bed and comes out often. Recently some deliverymen saw it and said that grandchildren in the future would not know what it was, to which Sheila replied: ‘Mine will.’