Softness is a thing called... fatherhood

Ursula Hind in the Comfort ad.
Ursula Hind in the Comfort ad.
Dressed in their best Number 8s working dress and black armbands are Jacky Jackson, Paddy Jordan, Tom Coleman and Stokes with Eddie Wardle kneeling in front. They were serving in HMS Ark Royal.

NOSTALGIA: Black day for navy as daily rum ration is scrapped

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My daughter Ursula is getting married (at last) at St Mary’s Church, Portchester Castle, next Friday.

Being a bit of a career girl she has taken her time, but it looks like being quite an occasion.

You may have seen Ursula at some time without knowing it.

Back in 1978 when she was seven months old she appeared in a 40-second television advert for the fabric conditioner Comfort. You might remember the slogan: ‘Softness is a thing called Comfort’.

Forty seconds, yet I was at Shepperton Studios for four days. I kid you not.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish her and Stewart all the very best.