Stamps of approval from The News

The first day cover
The first day cover
Rotting: PS Solent in a sorry state.

NOSTALGIA: Sad end for a D-Day veteran

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This first day cover was issued on April 27, 1977 to mark the centenary of The News.

It bore the four stamps which marked the 500th anniversary of the introduction of printing to Britain by William Caxton.

The franking on this cover symbolised the debt owed to Caxton, who was also a writer and translator, which led to The News being among the leaders in taking advantage of new technology.

The News was founded, as The Evening News, on April 27, 1877.

It was launched from a former butcher’s shop at 1, Arundel Street, Landport, comprising four broadsheet pages printed on a hand-fed press.

The paper moved to Stanhope Road, Landport, in 1895 and there it remained until moving to The News Centre, Hilsea, in 1969.

The News then became the first newspaper in the world with a paid circulation of more than 100,000 daily to be produced by fully-computerised photo-typesetting allied to web-offset lithographic printing.