Stone me: 33p to see Mick and the lads at Portsmouth Guildhall

Just 33p to see the Stones.
Just 33p to see the Stones.
A little fuzzy perhaps but here we see Portsdown Hill Road where it meets London Road. The George pub would be on the right behind the soldiers. 'Picture: Barry Cox Collection

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If you wanted to see the Rolling Stones today you would not get much change out of £100.

But in the early 1960s when they were making a name for themselves you could see the original five on stage at Portsmouth Guildhall for just 33p. Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman, now household names, all came here on tour.

And they were not even top of the bill as John Leyton (Johnny Remember Me) and Mike Sarne (Come Outside) upstaged them.