Swinging Sixties was the high point of music scene

Paul Morehead with Ray Jenkins
Paul Morehead with Ray Jenkins
One of the Shipp fruit and veg shops at 10 and 12 Meadow Street, Landport, in 1986.

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These two likely lads are Paul Morehead and Ray Jenkins strutting their stuff at the Greyhound pub, Leigh Park, in 1964.

And it’s a picture which might bring back memories of the 1960s music scene in Portsmouth to many.

Paul, who is on the left, got in touch with Remember When in an attempt to trace old mates from those times.

The lads grew up in Cornwall and were playing in their own group, The Elecktrons, when they left school in 1963.

Paul says: ‘We were then recruited to join another group, Barbara and The Boyfriends, who moved from Cornwall to Portsmouth in 1964.

‘We all lived in a large house in Alhambra Road, Southsea, just opposite South Parade Pier, and played local venues such as The Bottle in the Wall Club, The Savoy Ballroom and the Star Ballroom.

‘We played regularly at Leigh Park – The Greyhound, Leigh Park Community Centre, Excel Bowl, and many others.’

There were gigs in the Isle of Wight, naval establishments and all along the south coast until, towards the end of 1965, they left the area to tour Europe.

Paul adds: ‘During our time in Portsmouth, several of the original Cornish members left and were replaced by Portsmouth musicians.

‘These included: John Dennis on drums (if I remember right, his family owned chemist shops in the area); Don Golding on rhythm guitar and vocals (ex-Dynamos); and Jacqui Symes on vocals when we worked as Jacqui Rivers and The Boyfriends, and briefly, Geoff Collinge on drums.

‘Our roadie was Rod Simmonds from West Leigh and our manager was Ken Crawley.’

Ray, who now lives in Bedfordshire, was originally the bass player with The Boyfriends and has since switched to guitar. He currently plays with duo Tonica.

Paul claims not to have developed at all, still preferring the loud rock and blues of his youth. He now lives in Surrey and plays with his own group Waisted.

They have both been playing live gigs for five decades along with the occasional job as studio session musicians.

They have both contributed to the blog dedicated to Portsmouth groups from the 1960s pompeypop.wordpress.com

They can be contacted via p.morehead@ntlworld.com.