The abdication of King Edward VIII

King Edward VIII leaving the Lobitos club in Peru in 1931
King Edward VIII leaving the Lobitos club in Peru in 1931

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My writings over the past few weeks about the abdication of King Edward VIII and his passing through Portsmouth have caused a great amount of interest.

I’ve received a number of e-mails, including some referring to an altercation that might have taken place between the former King and another member of the royal family.

Ray Southwell tells me that he’s been following the story with interest as, at the time of the abdication, he was aged three.

His father was following the abdication speech on the wireless and he was told several times by his father to ‘shut up’ as Ray was being a pain and his father wanted to listen to what the King had to say.

Later that evening his father, who ran a private hire business, was out on a job and saw the royal car while in Old Portsmouth.

The driver must have missed his turn and driven down Commercial Road (now impossible of course) to arrive in the wrong part of town.

Ray was also told it was rumoured that before the King left London, he had a fight and departed Portsmouth with a black eye.