The FA Cup final has been ruined for me

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What on earth is happening to the FA Cup Final?

All the tradition seems to have been taken away and it is now a shambles, so full of razzamatazz that the occasion has been spoilt for me.

Firstly, it was not on the BBC. Sacrilege, surely. ITV just does not do the job for me I’m afraid.

Then it kicked off at 5.15pm as opposed to the traditional 3pm. Then there was a choir trying to sing Abide With Me and failing abysmally.

Did anyone really hear any of the crowd singing above the microphoned shouting of the four singers?

The final disgrace was that there was no Royal Marines Band, but some amplified string quartet trying to keep up but failing miserably.

There was also a time when someone special, usually royalty, presented the cup to the winners, but that too seems to be a thing of the past and any tin-pot personality does the job these days.

Perhaps it’s because there is not a real royal box for the teams to climb up to, receive the cup and have the captain hold it high above his head for the crowd to see.

What on earth is the football world coming to?