The Queen’s Hotel looks unchanged 84 years on

The Queen's Hotel in Southsea in around 1930. Picture:
The Queen's Hotel in Southsea in around 1930. Picture:
Bishop's Waltham.

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Looking down Osborne Road in Southsea, we see a tram heading down the road.

Taken around 1930, the image shows the tram is travelling on the interlaced track (one track inside another) so prevalent in Portsmouth’s narrow streets.

You can also see the scrollwork bracket supporting the arm of the wire support post. This isn’t just any old piece of steel to give leverage to the arm, but a beautifully-designed example of tracery.

In the car park of the Queen’s Hotel you can see several classic motor cars of the day. One of these could possibly belong to an actor or comedian appearing in one of the many local theatres at the time.

Looking at a modern photograph of the same area, we can see the gardens to the front have been cut back and made into a car park for the ever-increasing traffic.

The tram that also used the area has long gone.