The times they are a’changin along Fratton road

Fratton Road about 1960 from the top of St Mary's Church tower
Fratton Road about 1960 from the top of St Mary's Church tower
Lively Lady amid the  welcome-home flotilla of 400 small vessels off Southsea.'All pictures: Graham Stevens

NOSTALGIA: Home to Portsmouth and a hero’s welcome

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Here are two views along the northern end of Fratton Road but more than 50 years apart.

In the first shot, taken about 1960, all the shops and housing on the corner of St Mary’s Road make the road seem so much narrower.

The same view up Fratton Road 2014.

The same view up Fratton Road 2014.

To the right was Cardigan Road, just a short cul-de-sac, and past that is Manor Road and the Radical Club which is now history.

To the left with the bell tower is Portsmouth Junior Technical School and then the Museum Gardens pub. It was later called the Contented Pig but has now closed. Eleven flats are now to be built on the site.

Next comes Fratton Police Station. The fireplace wall can still be seen next to what was the, now closed, health centre.

To the rear of the police station are the single-men’s quarters. Eddie Wallace tells me there was also a hall where lectures took place.

Pass by the police station and there are numerous shops until the old Lake Road junction is met.

In today’s photograph all is green on the right, with Cardigan Road long gone and covered in tennis courts.

The police station went when the new one was built in Kingston Crescent and opened in 1962. The health centre is going to be a Muslim school and then we come to the new junction with Lake Road.

This area of Portsea Island has changed considerably, but I still miss the atmosphere of the old Portsmouth. Don’t you?