They don’t make them like they used to...

A pod of dolphins.

NOSTALGIA: Dolphins in Portsmouth Harbour     

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When I was watching the England v Italy game last Sunday my first thoughts were that there is something dreadfully wrong with how the English game and football in general is played.

Is it not crying out for wingers in the style of the great Stanley Matthews? Is it not crying out for someone like Bobby Charlton who could hit a pile-driver from 25 yards?

How many times did our modern-day players receive the ball just over the half-way line, run three paces and then start looking for someone to pass the ball inside to, even when there was not a defender in front of them?

Why didn’t they just fly down the wing to the by-line and centre it? Old-fashioned perhaps, but it worked. Do we not need a goalkeeper who can catch a ball instead of palming it away? Joe Hart may be quite classy but he is not Gordon Banks. So many crossed balls should have been taken out of the air instead of being flapped at or punched away.

Let’s not even mention the players who earn a fortune and can’t even hit the ball between two bits of wood.