THIS WEEK IN 1971: Renovated Pompey pub brings supporters their local back

Shirley and Peter Oliver, mine hosts at The Pompey
Shirley and Peter Oliver, mine hosts at The Pompey
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Portsmouth Football Club fans got their local back after The Pompey - on Frogmore Road, next to Fratton Park – opened after undergoing renovation and gaining new owners.

As a Brickwoods’ house, The Pompey was built at the turn of the 19th century and, for regular supporters at Fratton Park, was a popular meeting place for years.

In fact, in the past, a licensee had been actively engaged in the management of the club.

When it was learned that Jesse Pearce, the property’s last tenant was considering leaving, approaches were made for Portsmouth Football Club to take over.

Work then started on the property at the end of July, eventually transforming the premises.

Under new managers, Peter and Shirley Oliver, pictured, the Pompey was given a new entrance which connected it to the South Stand of Fratton Park – giving access to the Victory Suite on the stadium’s first floor.

Portsmouth Football Club chairman at the time, Mr JDP Collett, held high hopes for the refurbishment: ‘We hope that The Pompey will become the focal point of all football in the Portsmouth area.‘