THIS WEEK IN 1973: Petersfield brings in elderly from the cold

Left to right, Cllr Bulmer, Miss Quennell and Lady Tollemache

A disused passage which passers-by mistook for a hole in the wall was being transformed into a cosy bus shelter for Petersfield’s elderly citizens.

Work had begun on decorating the small alleyway which led from The Square, and it was soon to have a row of seats and heaters so Petersfield’s pensioners would no longer have to wait in the cold and rain for their buses.

Joan Quennell, the MP for Petersfield, Lady Tollemache, and urban councillor Elsa Bulmer, were three of the town’s strongest campaigners for a bus shelter.

Cllr Bulmer said: ‘It may look rather bare now, like a new house, but when the seats are in and the heaters are going it will be very cosy.’

There was to be a glass door and a sign above so it could be found easily.

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