THIS WEEK IN 1979: Increased charges for Gosport recreation

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Gosport Borough Council approved recommendations to increase the cost of recreational facilities in the borough. Committee chairman, Councillor A Pearce said: ‘The aim has been to increase the charges by an average of eight-and-a-half per cent in order to establish reasonable charges for the facilities.’

Under the new charges, entrance to the open-air swimming pool would go from 22p to 24p for an adult, and from 16p to 17p for a child. Entrance charges to Gosport’s recently-built covered swimming pool at Holbrook would also rise from 35p to 38p for an adult and 15p to 17p for a child.

Additionally, car parks were not spared in the price hikes. Charges at Stokes Bay and Lee-on-Solent increased from 25p to 30p.

Football pitches at Privett Park increased from £16.50 to £18.55 for weekday use, and from £33 to £37.15 for use on Sundays.