THIS WEEK IN 1981: Tories clash over Southsea Common

Two members of the Portsmouth and Medway Clearance Diving Team at HMS Vernon with the 250lb German bomb which was dredged up at Albert Johnson Quay. On the left LS(D) M O'Learey with some of the high explosive content of the bomb and AB C Carr with the fuse

THIS WEEK IN 1981: Dredger brings up unexploded bomb

Chief petty officer W Murphy, right, introduces, from left, David Shepherd, Scott Macdonald, Shaun Thomas and Darron Hancock to the forward torpedo room of HMS Finwhale

THIS WEEK IN 1981: Newest ‘recruit’ of navy’s Silent Service

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Portsmouth councillors quashed a new bid to sanction parking on Southsea Common as the deep rift within the city’s political hierarchy on the subject was blown open – but top Tory Charles Mos renewed his battle to get cars on the common.

Leisure committee chairman Councillor Mos – one of several top Tories involved in a public and bitter row – hoped to table notice of rescindment of the council decision to site a charity motor show at Cosham instead of Southsea.

Needing the support of 12 councillors, he said he had 11 signatures and would get the remaining.

The whole topic would then have to be debated once more at an emergency meeting of the council.

Leading members of the ruling Tory group fought a public slanging match in a series of verbal punch-ups at the city council meeting.