THIS WEEK IN 1984: Anchor cafe goes from blitz to bricks

Anchor - The 'bomb-proof' Anchor Cafe near the Clarence Pier complex
Anchor - The 'bomb-proof' Anchor Cafe near the Clarence Pier complex
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A unique feature of the Southsea landscape was to be pulled down following the death of caterer Peter Snook.

The Anchor Cafe, opposite Clarence Pier, was believed to be the only ‘bomb-proof’ cafe in the south of England.

During the Second World War it housed the anti-aircraft control centre for the rocket guns and ack-ack batteries on Southsea Common.

The storeroom opposite, which was still in use, contained ammunition for the guns and still had its original blast-proof doors.

Mr Snook leased the building, which survived the Blitz, from the council, and turned it into a cafe.

The executors of his will surrendered the lease.