THIS WEEK IN 1984: Teenage vandals on city terror rampage

One of the town's Christmas trees

Events team ‘disgusted’ after vandals wreck Waterlooville Christmas lights

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Gangs of teenagers were terrorising severely disabled residents and pensioners living near a Portsmouth playground.

City councillor Johanne Sugrue claimed vandalism at Hertford Street, Landport, had become so bad that one elderly woman had threatened to commit suicide because she could no longer stand the ‘terror’.

Many of the residents, some in wheelchairs, barricaded their windows with wire mesh to protect themselves from bricks being hurled at their flats.

Ms Sugrue, who received a petition from residents urging the council to take action, told members of the leisure services committee that a telephone box was smashed at least three times a week and that vandals threw bricks through people’s windows and rang their door bells late at night.