THIS WEEK IN 1986: Good morning kiss leaves six injured

An ambulanceman moves in to assist the injured after a bus crash. Stephen Hayden, right with injuries to his face, waits for the ambulance

A ‘good morning’ kiss caused a Portsmouth road crash which put six bus passengers in hospital.

The crash happened after a works bus was in collision with a heavily-laden articulated lorry at Cosham.

Ambulance men took the six shocked and slightly injured passengers to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, for treatment, while about 30 of their work colleagues were transferred to another bus.

The driver of the articulated lorry, bound for Dorset, described the crash in Western Road.

‘There was a car parked in the inside lane, and the couple in it were kissing. I couldn’t move out to go round them, so I braked.

‘Suddenly there was a crash, and this bus had gone into the back of me,’ said the driver.

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