THIS WEEK IN 1988: Lewd postcard riles Portsmouth councillor

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A postcard showing a woman’s bikini-clad bust was ‘demeaning’ and should be banned from the city, according to a Portsmouth Labour councillor.

Matt Feeley, who represented the Charles Dickens ward, said he was concerned when he discovered the postcard, which also carried the message ‘I Love Southsea,’ on sale along the seafront.

He said: ‘I am annoyed because of its blatant sexist bias, and I have written to the chief marketing officer, Sunny Crouch, asking whether the city council can prevent such demeaning postcards being sold in Southsea.

‘You wouldn’t believe how much this city council has spent on tourism development and promoting itself as a centre of attraction for the family and business people.

‘A pair of women’s breasts have nothing to do with Southsea and the postcards should be thrown away,’ he added.