THIS WEEK IN 1992: Councillor’s wife’s act of desperation

Mike and Elaine Friend pictured on their wedding day
Mike and Elaine Friend pictured on their wedding day
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Gosport council chief executive Mike Friend kept a low profile after revelations about his private life surfaced.

His estranged wife Elaine admitted to driving his Mercedes into the front of the town hall.

Mrs Friend, aged 28, claimed her 50-year-old husband was in a relationship with Gosport council housing officer Kim Carron.

Mrs Friend said: ‘I was desperate. Things had gone wrong and Mike moved out 10 days before our first anniversary.’

She said he would still stay the night with her but she could not stand it when he finally snubbed her.

‘I couldn’t take that from the man who lifted up me and my children from living in a hostel for homeless people.’

Mr Friend proposed just four days after meeting Elaine.