THIS WEEK IN 1992: Twins bet on more success with horses

Paul and Steve with Irus and his brother

Turf twins Steve and Paul Cheatle were founding a racing dynasty with the younger brother of their champion racehorse.

The teenagers from Cowplain – who bought Arab gelding Irus with cash they earned delivering The News – ended a sensational first season.

Irus finished six out of seven races in the first three and notched a hat-trick of wins.

The 16-year-olds pinned their hopes of a long and successful training career on Irus’ brother.

The eight-month-old colt was to be trained for racing and later used for breeding.

Steve said: ‘The foal brother of Irus has exactly the same breeding and with our training he should perform just as well.

‘He is a stallion, and later on we will be able to put him out to stud.’

The brothers put in extra hours on their paper round to buy their second horse.

Steve and Paul’s training skills earned them recognition from other owners.

They were offered £20,000 for Irus, who they bought for just £2,000.

Steve said: ‘We think Irus is worth more.’

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