THIS WEEK IN 1993: Ballet shoes put on show in museum

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Prince Edward visited Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard during filming for Crown and Country.

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Gosport submarine museum was the unlikely resting place for the red ballet shoes which inspired Kate Bush’s album release.

The singer’s LP Red Shoes was named after the 1948 film starring Moira Shearer.

Shearer presented her shoes to HMS Tiptoe as a mascot.

Tiptoe was a T-class submarine launched in 1944 which had a ballerina as part of her crest.

She was scrapped during the 1970s and the shoes were given to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Haslar.

Museum project officer Ron Houghton said they had been on display in a glass cabinet ever since.

‘They have lost their red colour but you can see what tiny feet Moira Shearer had,’ he said.