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June Blyth works on one of her miniatures
June Blyth works on one of her miniatures
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An Emsworth artist battling against a debilitating condition was showing her work at the Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition in London.

With 11,000 works entered, June Blyth faced stiff competition to get her two watercolour paintings included in the 1,332 exhibits on show.

Mrs Blyth, 65, suffered from myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME, with symptoms including severe tiredness and muscle pain.

She saw art as her therapy and created silhouettes and miniatures which were exhibited around the world, with clients including Harrods, ITV and the Bath Museum of Costume.

But she submitted paintings of a falcon and a nest of starlings eggs to the Royal Academy because they did not accept her usual, less traditional work.