THIS WEEK IN 2000: Gosport girl’s courage in train crash carnage

The Norwegian train crash which claimed the lives of at least 12 passengers
The Norwegian train crash which claimed the lives of at least 12 passengers
The replaced toll gate after the original was shattered by the mare.''The replaced toll gate in 1915 after the original was leapt over by the runaway mare with the carriage she was pulling smashing it to pieces. Picture: Ralph Cousins.

NOSTALGIA: Frightened mare smashes toll gate on escape bid to Havant

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A Gosport charity worker who survived a Norwegian train disaster told how she helped fellow passengers escape as a massive fireball engulfed the wreckage.

It had been confirmed that 11 people had died and 22 were missing after two passenger trains carrying 96 passengers and crew collided in a head-on crash in the south of the country.

Sarah Muscroft, 30, headed back to Britain with a group of friends and fellow skiers who were caught up in the disaster.

The impact of the crash left wreckage strewn across the snow-covered countryside.

As their carriage turned on its side, Miss Muscroft and her friends helped to release survivors from other wrecked carriages.

Diesel started to spray into the wreckage from one of the crumpled locomotives, fuelling a huge fireball which burned for four hours.

Miss Muscroft said: ‘We found ourselves thrown forwards and the rest of the carriage crumpled behind us.

‘It didn’t take long for us to get out once we were able to ascertain that we could move.

‘Initially we were the only group getting people out.’