Those who made the ultimate sacrifice

We begin with the As and the first 86 names.
We begin with the As and the first 86 names.
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As you may well know, at 12.15am on August 5, 1914, war declared between Britain and Germany.

I have in my possession a list of all the men and some of the women from Portsmouth who lost their lives.

So, each Saturday I will be reproducing the list of the names, more than 4,500.

Perhaps you might find a long lost relative within the list and if you do please let me know so that I can write something about it next year.

There are certain things to look out for such as the differences between the entries which say Hants and Hampshire.

The former denotes the man who served in the Hampshire Regiment, the latter, men who went down with HMS Hampshire.

None of the ships has HMS before the name.

We begin today with the first 86 names.