Tickets to Ryde in days of steamers, soot and smuts

The view from Ryde Pier Head
The view from Ryde Pier Head
One of the  more unusual rafts competing in the race was this Volkswagen Beetle

THIS WEEK IN 1975: ‘Water-beetle’ seen on Southsea beach

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Before the days of the package holiday to Spain no doubt many of you took your holidays on the Isle of Wight.

Mind you, given the fabulous weather of recent weeks, the island this year must be just like those glorious golden days of old.

Today I’m showing a few photographs from Roger George Clark’s superb book on the island, Perfect England, The Isle of Wight In The 1960s.

On the right we are looking from the departure shed at the end of Ryde Pier.

In the distance we can see the famous steeple of All Saints’ Church rising above the town.

The tramway ran for more than a century from 1864 until closure in 1969.

One of the trams, No 2, was stored at Newport railway station, itself abandoned with closure of the island’s railways in 1966 but used to store stock.

When carriages belonging to the Isle of Wight Preservation Group had to be moved to Havenstreet the tram was used for shunting them.

It then fell into disuse but a group has got together and hopes to rebuild it for use on the preserved railway.