Train driver pal helped me win over Winner for 007 chat

Michael Winner
Michael Winner
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Sad to see that Michael Winner, film director, restaurant critic and writer has died aged 77. I was fortunate to meet him a couple of times.

One of those was when he was filming Bullseye at Alton railway station in 1990 and he was not a happy bunny.

He wanted the train, on which the film was being made, moved a few yards.

However, someone didn’t know how to speak to the driver of the locomotive and he was being bloody-minded.

I was the editor of the railway magazine The Woking Grapevine at the time and was on location to try and speak to Roger Moore who was starring in the film.

I saw Winner on the platform looking rather glum so I went and introduced myself showing him a copy of the magazine. ‘Hello Sir, I’m Bob Hind editor of this mag,’ I said.

‘Are you really,’ he replied.

‘You don’t seem too happy,’ I said.

He replied: ‘No. I have been trying to get that train moved about two coach lengths, but the driver will not move it.’

‘Did you ask in the right fashion?’ I asked.

‘What!’ he exploded, wondering why on earth anybody should be polite to a train driver.

I asked him what he needed and went to see the driver, a pal of mine.

‘Dave,’ I said. ‘Do me a favour, I want to get an interview with Roger Moore but have to get in Winner’s good books, can you pull forward a couple of lengths for me?’

‘No problem Bobby Boy.’

And that’s how I got a short chat with Roger Moore.