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Do you remember a time when everything was fresh and the very thought that what you were eating was not what it was supposed to be never crossed your mind?

I know one thing, there is only one place to buy burgers, sausages and pies to be sure they are 100 per cent, and that is from your local butcher.

Surely it was not that long ago when everything was made from what it was supposed to be? Was it the Common Market that started all this use of additives and strange contents in food, I wonder?

I know for a fact that the health people check what butchers provide. A sample is taken and if it’s not up to scratch – too much fat, not enough pork, that sort of thing – the butcher is told to put it right. If he doesn’t, he’s out of business.

It was not that many years ago that there were so many butchers in the city and all made their own swags (sausages), black puddings, brawn, bathchaps (roasted pigs’ cheeks), burgers and tripe.

Most now only produce sausages, but in several flavours, and burgers, but some still make pork and beef pies and are out there if you look for them.

Just make sure you use your local butcher.