Wardroom link to Victoria’s funeral

One of a pair of panels from the Royal Yacht Alberta.
One of a pair of panels from the Royal Yacht Alberta.
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Returning to my day in the wardroom of HMS Nelson, here we see one of a pair of panels from the stern of the former Royal Yacht Alberta (1863-1912).

Alberta was built at Pembroke Dock as a tender to the larger Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert II.

She could often be seen crossing the Solent after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert acquired Osborne House.

Alberta’s claim to fame was to transport Queen Victoria’s coffin from the Isle of Wight to Gosport. The coffin was placed aboard on February 1, 1901, and sailed across the Solent to Clarence Yard. The coffin remained overnight before going on to London by train.

Alberta continued in service until 1912 and was broken up the following year.

George V presented these two stern panels to the wardroom and they are fixed either side of the main door to the officers’ mess.